"Smooth Jazz With a Groove"

Groove Frequencies

The music of Groove Frequencies continues winning over the hearts of smooth jazz music lovers with a soulful sound. The music is quickly earning the admiration and affection of smooth jazz enthusiasts worldwide.

Since the release of “Imagine This”, the first Billboard charting single from the sophomore self-titled CD “Groove Frequencies”, collaboration continues with new guest artists for the much anticipated third CD “Back To The Groove” written and produced by John Stewart. With the addition of a few new guest artists and some familiar names from past recordings, you can bet there are some pleasant surprises in store.

Although the music of Groove Frequencies is still fairly new to the smooth jazz scene, John Stewart has no plans of slowing down with such great fan and Smooth Jazz Radio support. Look out for the second single from “back to the groove”, “my renee” going for radio adds February 3, 2020.



Stompin' at the Groove Shack is a tune that encapsulates the vibrant energy of a live band in all facets. Tight in arrangement, interaction and common pleasure, this group is the real deal. – 

Hans-Bernd Hülsmann

I don’t see how it gets much better than Groove Frequencies, but I am already looking forward to their next project. A superior effort. – Ronald Jackson


The Smooth Jazz Ride

What People Are Saying

Great Work Gentlemen, Great Work. I’m in the Groove, Turning up the Frequencies , Continued Blessings to All of You, from now one of your biggest new fans. Namaste’

Amazing award winning work!

My my my

John Stewart - Musician, Composer and Producer

From an early age John Stewart has always had a love for music. As a teen he performed in various bands throughout South East Texas.

Today as a husband and father of three and still inspired by his love for music, he spends his time writing and producing original smooth jazz compositions. 

In 2016, John began creating the concept for Groove Frequencies. Groove Frequencies would be “Smooth Jazz With A Groove” featuring accomplished instrumentalists on sax, guitar, piano and tenor bass. 


With the release of a third full-length CD, John looks to continue writing, producing and performing his  original compositions for smooth jazz listeners to enjoy worldwide.